Mark Atwood

A picture of me

Hi! I'm a professional open-source advocate and a computer geek. Here's my résumé, my corporate bio and my vCard. My technical interests currently include Memcached, DrizzleDB, Cloud Computing, and open protocols.

You can me and you can IM me. I have a personal blog, a professional technical blog and I'm on Twitter. I like to occasionally take photographs and post them to Flickr.

I have a Google Profile and thus Google Buzz. You can also find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, the GPG/PGP Public Keyserver Network, and Skype.

I live in the green and grey city of Seattle, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. When I am home you can probably find me working over my laptop at some local cafe or maker space, where I am likely to be checked in via Foursquare. When I am travelling, you can find me on Dopplr.