Mark Atwood

For many years, Mark Atwood had a very simple unstyled website. The photo he was using was nice, but was several years old. He also didn't have an ideal professional headshot to use for when he talked at conventions. He also wanted some pictures for social networking. This shoot and web design didn't cost Mark very much, since he didn't need any complicated photos and the web redesign was not complex. Mark was also remarkably easy going.

A newly styled, yet still simple website

Mark wanted the imagery to be quite odd and fun, yet to not feel amateur. He wanted current photos of himself.

Mark's new website
Mark's old website


A pro headshot and social networking Images

Mark wanted new current and fun images to use for facebook and other social networking sites.

Annie Sprinkle Press photos

Annie Sprinkle is a world famous activist and sex educator. For the last five years, Julian Cash has taken the most used press photos for activist and speaker Annie Sprinkle. The photos are nearly all concept photos. These images have literally been in hundreds of publications over the last several years. Note that these images are sexual and provocative. We're happy to work on any type of creative project.


Lorna Li

Lorna wanted to mix business with pleasure. She needed a new professional headshot and other photos she could use on the web. She also just wanted some fun photos of herself.

Photos for business purposes

Lorna needed a new headshot and also wanted photos for her green marketing PR business. Below she is posing with her own business website. We also took photos with her holding her company's logo and holding the earth.

A book

Lorna wanted a book of the photos. This was more to show her friends the fun photos than for business purposes.


Photos for fun

We also took quite a few images that were just for fun. Here is an image of Lorna simply being beautiful. :-)

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